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The PMs titled "Hello"...

2009-01-28 12:58:51 by MrNiceGuy

If anyone has gotten one, spread it. The people I've sent them to seem to like it.


2009-01-28 00:14:12 by MrNiceGuy

Hi. How've you been? Have a nice day.

Bored, again...

2009-01-27 19:16:40 by MrNiceGuy

Sorry 'bout my last blog, had to go to sleep.

So, who wants to chat?


2009-01-27 01:21:02 by MrNiceGuy

Anyone up for a chat?

Where is this from?

2009-01-26 22:37:41 by MrNiceGuy

/* */
The audio I mean. Anyone?

To the NG males...

2009-01-26 18:46:36 by MrNiceGuy

We need to stop!

To the NG males...


2009-01-20 17:19:08 by MrNiceGuy

Well, it's just about that time for me again. On Feb. 10th, I'll be 15, and have my driver's licence.

Actually, I'll have a hardship drive's licence. That and cake. The cake is the truth.

But the point of this blog entry is to see if I could get a birthday thread. If I get one this year, It'll be my first one. So can Newgrounds make my birthday wish come true and get me a birthday thread? Pretty please? With a cock joke on top?


2009-01-11 08:57:07 by MrNiceGuy

I'm banned again for the 5th time, I think. This time for 5 days. Not that bad, but still. So what you blog dwellers doing?


2009-01-11 04:55:45 by MrNiceGuy

My Birthday is Feb. 10. Posting to try to get a birthday thread. If I do, it will be my first one.

I'm Banned

2008-12-22 13:21:36 by MrNiceGuy

Well after five days of being banned from the BBS, I got banned again for ten days. So I decided to hang out with my Blog-Lurking-Bretherin. So how y'all been?